How Often Should I Get a Tarot Reading? – intro to the topic

Tarot readings provide great insight into your life and motivations, but how often should you get them? Having Tarot readings too infrequently makes it hard to apply their insights to your life, but having them too often will not allow you to absorb what has been revealed to you properly. Here are some tips for…

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A bowl of healing crystals and incense from SoulTopia on a meditation mandala blanket

Where Can I Buy Healing Crystals Near Me

Healing crystals are symbols of transcendence and purity. This symbolism is partly because they come from a special and mysterious place. These precious stones allow light to pass through them and preserve cold. They are instrumental in helping heal our spiritual problems while promoting our mental and emotional wellness. However, they can be pretty rare.…

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How to Use a Singing Bowl Soultopia

How to Use a Singing Bowl

A singing bowl is a powerful tool for healing that goes by many names: Tibetan singing bowl, sound bowl, singing bell, Himalayan bowl, standing bell, meditation bell, vibration bowl, and others. With a history that is believed to date back thousands of years, singing bowls were first created by pre-Buddhist cultures. It is unknown what…

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What is Manifestation Image Soultopia

What is Manifestation and The Best Methods to Use to Manifest

Using the ideas behind the law of attraction, manifestation works to bring your thoughts into a tangible reality that can improve your daily life now and in the future. Whether you’re learning about manifestation for the first time or looking for ways to deepen your knowledge of the practice, there are simple ways to include…

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What is Moldavite and How to Use It Soultopia

What is Moldavite and How to Use It

With its deep green hue and glassy appearance, moldavite has an incredible ability to capture the attention of virtually everyone that crosses paths with it. But if you have found yourself fascinated by this stunning stone, the attraction you felt likely went far beyond its aesthetic beauty.  In fact, moldavite is believed to carry otherworldly…

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