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Matthew McConaughey on Michelle Welch's Podcast

Michelle Welch Talks to Matthew McConaughey


Michelle talks to Matthew McConaughey about the future of movies.

Michelle Welch Interviewed on CW33

Michelle Welch Joins CW33 Morning Show for an Interview

Michelle Welch talks about being a psychic and all things metaphysical.

Michelle Interviewed on GMT for 2021 Predictions

Michelle Welch Joins Good Morning Texas


Michelle Welch gives readings for the year 2021 on Good Morning Texas.

Michelle on CBS News

Michelle Welch Joins CBS News


Michelle Welch talks about the increase of business during COVID.


Soultopia on Inside Edition

Psychics Report Surge in Business During COVID-19 Pandemic as Americans Feel Uncertain About the Future

Soultopia in Llewellyn

It’s Not You; It’s Me: 10 Steps to Mind Your Own Energy and Transmute Negativity

Soultopia in Llewellyn

14 Crystals for Clearing, Protecting, and Transmuting

Soultopia in Dallas Yoga Magazine

5 Crystals ~ 5 Minutes Recovery Meditation

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