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Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you are not sure which direction to proceed next. At other times, big decisions might loom ahead and you wish you had a way to confirm you are making the right choice. Even if you just want to experience general life guidance, an intuitive reading can help you gain understanding and meaning to your everyday life.

If you live in Texas and are seeking knowledge and self-awareness, trying a private tarot reading can be the key to reaching your goals in a holistic way.

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Reading tarot cards is an art that has been practiced for generations, offering a unique insight into our past, present, and future. Considered a form of cartomancy (a divination practice that utilizes decks of cards), tarot card reading is a valuable tool for spiritual guidance.

It is vital to understand that tarot readers cannot provide you a detailed description of what is to come; after all, tarot reading is not intended as a method to tell the future. Instead, a truly exceptional tarot card reading will enable the recipient to connect with their inner wisdom and find a sense of clarity.

Early mentions of tarot card readings can be traced back to the 1400s, and it is a divinatory practice that transcends both geographical and cultural boundaries. Generally, to best discern the meaning of the cards and address questions to a satisfactory degree, it is recommended that tarot readings be entrusted to the professionals.


Tarot Reading Process

An intuitive reading requires no preparation from the individual, only open-mindedness and an open heart. Each reading is as unique as the individual, but some generalities can be made about the reading process that could prepare you for what to expect.

Tarot cards are presented by the reader and a story holistically unfolds. The conversation can involve your past, present, and future, depending on what the cards reveal. If you prefer, the cards can dig deeply into a specific question you might have which can be the focus of your reading. Once you have gained more clarity and understanding, your path can become more clear. The length of your session depends on what you are seeking and can be as short as 15 minutes for a focused question or an hour when you have a number of questions you need to ask.


Tarot Reading Benefits

The greatest benefit of a quality tarot card reading is a sense of long-term fulfillment and direction. If you are feeling unsure about a decision you made or are trying to make, or if you simply feel like your life is out of balance, a reading can help you gain understanding and knowledge. A sense of empowerment is another benefit to a well-connected reading. Other individuals are seeking closure or resolution, and a tarot reading can be the key to unlocking something that has been locked away inside. Depending on what you are seeking and how the reading develops, you might have a different experience.

  • Sense of well-being
  • Clarity on a specific topic
  • Empowerment and motivation
  • Balance and restoration


How Does a Tarot Card Reading Work?

Typically, a tarot card reading begins with a question asked by the recipient of the reading. The card reader then draws the cards, using their expertise and intuition to interpret their meanings and communicate key messages to the recipient. Each card in a tarot deck communicates specific messages through imagery and symbolism, making it critical that the reader have a detailed understanding of the cards.

Some of the many benefits of tarot readings can include:

  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Better understanding yourself, your relationships, and the world around you
  • Discovering inner peace
  • Achieving clarity
  • Being well-prepared for what the future may hold


What Are Tarot Cards & What Are They Used For?

Similar to standard playing cards, a tarot deck contains four suits. Each of the suits has 14 cards: four face cards and ten “pip” (or numbered) cards. In total, these 56 cards make up the Minor Arcana (“lesser secrets”).

In addition to these four suits, there is also a separate trump suit consisting of 21 cards and one card known as “The Fool.” Together, these 22 cards are called the Major Arcana (“greater secrets”).

Tarot cards are commonly used as part of the Hermetic Qabalah study, an esoteric tradition that blends mysticism with other elements. In a tarot reading, the cards serve as the tool for obtaining insight and an answer to the recipient’s question.


Types of Tarot Readings

There are many types of readings or spreads that you can choose from. Because each recipient comes to a tarot reading with a specific vision of the guidance they hope to receive, the tarot spread depends largely on the questions asked.

  • The Love Spread can help you assess your relationships, your approach to love, and what the future may hold for your love life.
  • The Success Spread is commonly used when the recipient of the reading is facing a specific hardship in their life and can offer advice for overcoming personal obstacles.
  • The Celtic Cross Spread is a complex spread that is recommended only for experienced tarot card users and can provide answers to virtually any question or inquiry.
  • The Spiritual Spread addresses issues of a spiritual nature, serving as a guiding light on an individual’s spiritual journey.
  • The Career Path Spread is useful in professional difficulty situations, providing support and information about how to move forward at work.
  • The Three-Card Spread is generally considered the most useful tarot spread, using just three cards to deliver quick and simple answers to your questions.


What Does a Tarot Reader Do?

A tarot card reader’s role is to receive the question, then draw and interpret the spread as appropriate. Then, he or she communicates the message to the recipient.

Although it is common for amateurs to enjoy using a personal deck for at-home purposes, it is important to understand the depth of knowledge required for an accurate reading. A true professional possesses an invaluable connection to the spiritual world, as well as true comprehension of the complexities of each card’s symbolism and imagery.


Questions To Ask a Tarot Card Reader

There is virtually no limit to what you can ask your reader, though some may ask that certain topics (such as medical issues) be redirected to another professional. The answers to your deepest questions can lie in the deck; it’s simply up to you to ask them.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • What are the intentions of my partner?
  • What is the future of my romantic relationship?
  • What is my current career energy?
  • How can I move closer to my calling?
  • What is my next best step at this crossroads?
  • What obstacle do I need to overcome?


Tarot Card Reading Online Vs. Tarot Card Reading by Experts: Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing between a face-to-face reading or an online tarot experience, both can contribute positively to your life. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the form that is most comfortable and accessible for you.

An online tarot card reading may be a good choice if:

  • You are not located near a reader you can trust
  • You prefer to receive the information in the comfort of your own home
  • You have a busy schedule

An in-person reading may be ideal if:

  • You have the flexibility to schedule a session
  • You prefer a face-to-face experience

SoulTopia Holistic Boutique offers both options, putting the benefits of tarot cards within easy reach for all.


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Suppose you are interested in receiving answers to your most pressing questions about life, love, and beyond. In that case, we welcome you to schedule a live online tarot reading from one of the SoulTopia readers today.


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