At SoulTopia, we love connecting with people. Our event staff of readers and clairvoyants will bring a smile to the face of every guest while infusing your party with positive energy. No matter what they see in the private readings, they will only focus on the helpful and optimistic. Whatever the occasion, your celebration is sure to be a hit when you have SoulTopia’s party reading & healing services.

Corporate Events

When most people think of corporate events, they think of rubber chicken and endless, boring speakers. Not yours, though. Your business affair will be the event of the year when you let SoulTopia provide the entertainment. We are happy to work with you to understand more about your company, group, and occasion so that we can provide the ideal experience for your event.


Christmas Parties

Our staff loves a good party, and they welcome the chance to dress up for the occasion. For your next Christmas party, why not let us dress up as the Ghost of Christmas Past or Future? Our readers can use a variety of mediums (pun intended) to give insight into the past and foretell future events. Oracle or Angel Cards, crystals or crystal balls, among others, can be used.


Valentine’s Day Parties

Want to cheer up your unattached friends with a singles’ Valentine’s Day party? Why not give everyone a view into their love life with a psychic consultation? This is a fun and entertaining way to spend a day that is otherwise focused on couples. With our private reading & healing services, we can do chakra readings and energy healing for those who feel like their heart chakra is blocked or conduct crystal readings with bracelets for everyone to take home.


Birthday Parties

What better way to say “Thank you” to your birthday party guests than by giving them a chance to see what their next year holds. They are sure to be surprised and delighted. You can pick any of our services that you think fits best with your guests or the theme of your party. Crystal ball, crystal readings, or Tarot Cards are all exciting activities for you and your guests.


Bachelorette Parties

A fun way to kick off the celebration is with a reading. Let our engaging staff give insight into who may be next to get married, take a trip, or find a fabulous new job. How about having a card reading or an Aura Reading with Photos? Everyone will be amazed at the insight their energy fields can give and will love having a photo that allows them to see it.


Family Reunions

Settle old bets, ask Great Grandmother where she hid her pearls, or ask about family legacy in a session with one of our clairvoyants. Have fun comparing notes and discussing revelations from your reading. The family will flock to a reunion when SoulTopia is there. We are happy to dress in honor of your family heritage, as well.


Graduation Parties

Send off a recent graduate into the next phase of their life with a psychic reading. When they are overwhelmed with all that is in front of them, let them ask questions and guidance with an Oracle card reading or a palm reading. Anxious parents can get assurance that their beloved children are going to be ok. Everyone in attendance will have fun and be excited about the future after a reading.


Baby Showers

For a perfect complement to your baby shower, invite us to conduct tea leaf readings. On such a happy occasion, let the expectant mother ask questions about her baby, let the grandparents get assurances about the future for their children and grandchildren, and watch the infectious joy spread throughout the gathering. We could even dress as a guardian angel and do Angel Card readings.


Block Parties

If you love to challenge the other neighborhoods in who has the best block party, we have the winning element. Let us bring along our good friend Zoltar to delight and astonish your family, neighbors, and friends. The Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine is always a huge hit with his realistic movements and expressions, and his predictions are sure to amaze.


We can even cater to the little ones. Our multi-talented readers can read just about anything. We have conducted magical ‘digs’ with children and read the charms and animal figurines they uncover from the sand. The messages will always be fun and age-appropriate.


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SoulTopia is here to help you plan the perfect entertainment for your guests, whether you are throwing a party for family, close friends, an entire neighborhood, or company. Our party reading & healing services offer something for everyone, whether they need comfort and healing, guidance, insight to the future, or reconciling the past. Contact us today to talk about your next event and how we can help make it a hit.