SoulWhat™ is a weekly podcast hosted by SoulTopia owners Michelle Welch and Roger Welch. The purpose of our show is to shine a light on thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial, metaphysical topics from the front pages of modern culture. Join us for an enlightening and entertaining conversation, and what matters to your soul. You can catch Michelle & Roger live every Tuesday night at 7:30pm central time by following our Facebook page and our Instagram page. To catch the podcast at your convenience, you can find SoulWhat on iHeart Radio, iTunes, Google Podcast and Spotify!

Episode 30
“What is Yule? – SoulWhat”

Episode 29
“How to Come out to Family & Friends – SoulWhat”

Episode 28
“Ouija Boards: Why the Fear? – SoulWhat”

Episode 27
“Smudging Herbs – SoulWhat”

Episode 26
“Candle Magick – SoulWhat”

Episode 25
“Dealing with the Dark Side – SoulWhat”