Metaphysical & Psychic Festival Services


SoulTopia, your beacon of light and source for all things holistic and metaphysical, is available to add our unique brand of entertainment to festivals. Our festival services bring joy to the thousands of attendees each year for fairs and festivals like Friscovania, The Holistic Festival of Life, The Cosmic Yogi Festival, The Wellness Expo, & Taste of Oak Cliff. We are also annual attendees of the Northwest Tarot Symposium and New York Readers Studio each spring.

Who We Are

  • Creators
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We are all that and more. We believe in the power of love and understanding that comes with healing. We believe in helping our clients to experience abundant happiness. We believe that there is much more to life than what we can always see with our eyes.


Festival Services We Offer

Whether you are looking for pure entertainment, to highlight ancient, holistic healing practices, or to lend a mystical element to your event, let us help with some of our many festival services.


Chakra Readings with Bracelets

Chakras are the seven spiritual energy points in the body. The stagnation of energy can affect us psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our fun and friendly festival staff use crystals to help determine the state of your chakras. Once your reading has concluded, you will be given your own crystal bracelet that is not only beautiful but can also continue to help you as you wear it.


Aura and Chakra Readings with Photos

We are all made of energy, and we also produce energy that surrounds us, which can be described as an aura. The same is true with chakras, an energy that can be felt. The aura can help indicate the areas of your life that are in harmony, as well as those that are not. Our knowledgeable and experienced readers can suggest holistic methods to bring your body and life back into harmony and optimal health. Festival-goers can compare with friends and family to see what the aura reveals.


Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine

It is almost hard to believe that the realistic, turbaned Zoltar is not real. The movements, sounds, and lights are incredible, as are his eerily accurate predictions. This is one of our festival services that is always a favorite. You’ll always know where it is by the cluster of people surrounding it.


Tea Leaf Readings

Also called tasseomancy, tea leaf reading has been around since the 18th century. After you have finished drinking a cup of tea, the reader can determine messages or predictions about your destiny by interpreting the shapes and patterns that the tea leaves form. Attendees at the fair can have a relaxing cup of tea and then sit back and be entertained or enlightened by what is revealed.



The lines of the palm, their length, and where they intersect tell a story. Our experienced readers can divine the messages held within your hand and delight you with what they see there. This mystical practice has been used for generations to foretell life events and uncover secrets about the character of the person being read. This is another popular attraction for fairs and festivals that never disappoints.


Fortune Tellers

SoulTopia has many types of readers for your fair. They are experienced in foretelling the future using:


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To add something new to your event, contact SoulTopia about our festival and fair services. We can work with you to determine the perfect services to complement a festival and delight the attendees.