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Learn the Ancient Arts of Healing with Crystals, Tarot, Chakra, Reiki & more

If you feel the call of healing but prefer non-Western approaches, SoulTopia Academy may be the place for you. With a wide selection of online and in-person courses that cover the gamut of holistic healing, SoulTopia can help you pursue your true calling of helping people that need it. You can even receive a certificate that demonstrates your learned knowledge of these practices.

Our Courses and Certifications

At SoulTopia Academy, we don’t just believe in holistic healing, but holistic teaching. Our instructors will take you through a series of courses that teach and promote wellbeing for only $20 a class. Class attendees can also take a test for a small fee to receive a Certificate of Completion for any of our courses.

Tarot Card Reading

To gain a more thorough knowledge of tarot reading, our SoulTarot courses are designed to open your mind and heart to your inherent gifts. Level 1 begins with four online classes and will empower you to trust your intuitive self in your readings.

SoulTarot 101 (4 Classes)

Tarot crash course. How do I choose a tarot deck? I’ve picked my tarot deck, now what? How do they work? How do I get comfortable with my cards?

Class 1 covers the majors, class 2 covers 2 of the suits, class 3 covers the other two suits and class 4 shows you how to do various readings with the different combinations.

SoulWitch Series

SoulWitch classes and lessons weave together magic including topics such as An Introduction to Paganism and Witchcraft, Which Witch are You, Grey Witchcraft, High Magick, Nature’s Magick, Santeria, Hoodoo and Ancestry, and more. Prepare to learn about the various types of practice so that you can begin or continue on your chosen path.

Soul Spirit Guides 101

Spirit Guide 101 crash course. What is a Spirit Guide? What does it mean to work with a Spirit Guide? How do I know who I am working with?

SoulSage 101 – Sage Smudging & Cleansing

Who says Spring Cleaning can’t include sage? From your house to your car to your work to your own body, learn how to use various herbs, sprays, oils, and crystals to raise the vibration in your life.

Embracing Empathy

Embracing Empathy will help you understand this “gift” that often feels like a curse. You will come to realize that you are a highly evolved being.

  • I “feel” other people’s energy.
  • I take on other people’s energy.
  • I feel pulled by the shifts happening on the planet and take in these energies
  • I’ve been called “too sensitive.”
  • I feel stressed, overwhelmed, drained or even physically ill from the energy coming at me.

Chakra Energy and Healing

Our SoulChakra course begins online with nine pre-recorded sessions that take you through Level 1 of our program. Through our teachings, you’ll undertake an in-depth exploration of the chakra system and how imbalances can affect you on a daily basis.

Once finished with your courses, you should come to a better understanding of the energetic anatomy of the body and how to nurse the system to a more stable state.

SoulChakra 101 (9 Classes)

Whether you are new to understanding chakras or are well versed, this interactive class will leave you with the proper tools to immerse yourself with all you need to know. The first class is about the history and overview of the chakras. The 7 following classes are for each chakra. The last class is about the Soul Star and Earth Star.

What You Will Learn

  • The 7 main chakra centers
  • What the chakra system is and what it does

Explore all the components such as animals, musical notes, instruments, colors, foods, essential oils, crystals, and emotional correspondence and impact on the physical body.

Reiki Healing Training

To study Reiki healing is to study the art and science of energy healing. Our knowledgeable master reiki instructors will teach you to discover your energy and use its inherent healing properties to take care of yourself and others. By the end of the courses, you should have uncovered your own trustworthy intuition to connect emotionally with those around you.

Crystal Healing Classes

Through the understanding of the chakra system, you’ll learn the divine power of crystal healing. Our instructors are well-practiced in the discipline and will impart to you the knowledge of how crystals work. With this knowledge, you’ll soon be able to construct a healing energy grid for the body. For a quick overview of chakra healing and crystals, take a look at how to use chakra stones.

Stellar Gateway Healing

To better understand the transcendental ways of stellar gateway healing, our instructors will build on your knowledge of chakras so you can better attune your energy to that of the universe. By taking our course and opening yourself up to your own healing powers, you’ll build empathy and awareness.

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If you’re interested in pursuing the path of holistic healing, contact SoulTopia Academy today through our website. We’ll help foster your curiosity, empathy, and desire to learn with our trained and knowledgeable instructors. Start on your right path today.

These classes will all be stand-alone classes. This means you do not have to take the classes in order to receive your SoulTopia Certificate. If you choose to pursue the certificate, you can take the classes in whatever order. Please be aware there are no make-up classes. You will have to wait until the section you missed is offered again. Check our events page to see what courses are currently being offered.
We currently have 2 convenient locations in Carrollton and Dallas.


SoulTopia Academy offers a variety of certification courses including, but not limited to:
*Crystal Healing
*Stellar Gateway Healing