Birthday Party Services


Are you looking for a way to jazz up your typical cake and punch party? Perhaps, you want to incorporate passion, purpose and healing into your special events? SoulTopia can help with all of the above! Our birthday party services are the gifts that keep on giving, providing fun, insight and positive messages to all who enjoy them.


Who We Are

Founded by an attorney who recognized her true calling, SoulTopia offers many services from pure entertainment to psychic healing practices that have been used for centuries. With a full staff of talented daily readers who have talents from clairvoyance to crystal healing and card reading, SoulTopia offers something for everyone. Whether you are a believer or skeptic, you’ll enjoy our entertaining and potentially enlightening services.

Tea Leaf Readings

For centuries, people have enjoyed their tea then eagerly sought the message that the placement of the tea leaves spelled out at the bottom of the cup.

Zoltar Fortune-Telling Machine

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Big,” you’ll recognize this fascinating and always popular fortune-telling machine.

Palm Readings

It is believed that the lines in the palm can predict many things about a person’s life and destiny when interpreted.

Crystal Ball Readings

The most iconic symbol of fortune-telling, the crystal ball is still used by some crystal gazers.

Crystal Readings

Used for empowerment and discovering your innate strengths, crystal readings are not used to tell the future. Sometimes they can be used to uncover reasons for where you are in life.

Tarot Card Readings

Another classic symbol of psychic readings, Tarot Cards have symbols that have a very specific structure and can be eerily accurate in the stories they reveal.

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Cards are a modern version of Tarot Cards that can bring comfort or guidance to the seeker.

Angel Card Readings

For those who have or are seeking a deeper connection to their spirituality, Angel Cards can give positive insight into the future.

Chakra Readings

Originating in Sanskrit between 1500 and 500 BC, the seven chakras correspond to spiritual energy points in the body. Interpreting the strength of the chakras can uncover energy blockages that could be holding you back from realizing your best self.

Aura Readings

Aura readings are another way of interpreting the energy that surrounds you and how recent events are affecting you.

Contact Us

When you want to spread joy and bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family, contact us about our birthday party services. In these busy and trying times, SoulTopia is just the beacon of light you need.