Michelle Welch – Storeowner

Michelle is the Founder and Owner of SoulTopia in Dallas, Texas. Although an attorney, she is passionate about her calling to assist others in gaining clarity and self-empowerment, which led her to pursue her soul purpose. In “intuitive and healing” Sessions, Michelle receives clear messages for you and has a direct, yet compassionate, form of delivery. As an empath and “Clair-blend,” she utilizes “modality-matching” to determine the best tools to meet her client’s desires or needs.

Michelle’s offerings are:

Clear Channel
Tarot Readings
Fairy Readings
Palm Readings
Stellar Gateway Healings

Psychic Medium
Oracle Readings
Crystal Readings
Pendulum Readings
Akashic Records

Angel Readings
Crystal Ball Readings
Reiki Healings

Roger Welch – Storeowner

Roger is a Founder and Owner of SoulTopia in Dallas, Texas. A laid-back Tennessean, Roger is known around here as “Roger the Wire Wrapper.” His ideas inspire many of SoulTopia’s Custom Creations.

Roger’s offerings are:

Psychic Medium
Crystal Readings
Crystal Healings

Tarot Readings
Aura/Chakra Photos & Readings

Oracle Readings
Singing Bowl Healings