Crystal Shop & Metaphysical Supply Store in Dallas, TX

With a holistic and metaphysical approach, SoulTopia brings the mind, body, and spirit together in an experience that offers joy and excitement. When you come to SoulTopia, you have the option to buy healing crystals, schedule a tarot reading, sign up for SoulTopia Academy and more.

We aim to help you be the best version of yourself, and we do that with professionals who are dedicated to the soul.

Where It All Began

SoulTopia was founded by Michelle Welch and Roger Welch. Though their educational backgrounds led them in different professional directions, they have come together to pursue their passions.

Using modality-matching, oracle cards, tarot cards, healing crystals, and other tools, their approach provides self-empowerment to many customers. With a team of strong individuals who have these same gifts, your experience will be unique.

How We Benefit Our Customers

With compassion and straight-forward intuition, SoulTopia offers more of what a soul needs. Customers of all ages have experienced physical healing through an in-depth look at the soul.

Those with personal issues are given an honest look at what they’re dealing with, as well as ways to combat those issues and become better individuals. Customers are always enlightened, taught, and comforted.

A Sampling of Our Products

Available in-store and online, our crystal shop everything you need to get on the path back to balance between mind, body, and soul. Some of our quality products include:

  • Bracelets – Each bracelet is created with specific needs in mind. For example, The Magician uses Mystic Quartz beads to lift the wearer’s energy, Garnet to motivate change and Quartz to heal and amplify. Every bracelet has a different combination, yet they all work together for the wearer’s good.
  • Raw Crystals – Himalayan Salt for a journey of new hope, love and healing; Blue Kyanite to eliminate confusion and stress; Pink Tourmaline to boost your mood. Whatever effects you’re looking for, our raw crystals will bring it to you.
  • Spray mists – Whether you’re looking to clear away negative energy with Sage Smudge and Protection With Dragon’s Blood or add purity to your life and your rituals with Florida Water, SoulTopia Spray Mists are just what you need.

Our shop also contains Selenite, pyramids, necklaces, candles, essential oils, tarot cards, tapestries, wire wrapped crystals, and a range of other products. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

900 W Davis St
Dallas, TX 75208

Tuesday – Saturday
11:00am – 7:00pm

12:00 – 6:00pm

Visit Our Dallas Location Today!

For true clarity and healing, our Dallas metaphysical shop has the services, products, and professionals you’re looking for. Contact SoulTopia today at 214-579-9717 to book a reading or to learn more about our holistic approach to healing.