The alternative New Age lifestyle entices many people. They find crystals, fortune telling, and palm reading soothing and spiritual.

The next time you are considering some unique entertainment for your next party or event, why not enlist SoulTopia to bring our magic to you?

Our fascinating crew members conduct themselves in a dependable, professional way while still bringing a mystical, otherworldly element to your next function. Here are some suggestions to make your next gathering as exciting and unique as it can be.


Tea Leaf Readings

Whether you volunteered to throw your grandmother’s big birthday bash or your best friend’s baby shower, why not surprise the guests with a member from SoulTopia who comes to give everyone tea leaf readings?

This centuries-old tradition begins with the unstrained leaves that remain behind after a cup of tea has been enjoyed. An analysis of these bits and pieces reveals all sorts of shapes that are then used as the means for various interpretations.

It is a unique and fun way to try to predict your destiny.


Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine

Do you want to make your best friend’s bachelorette party really different? Or are you tired of throwing your company’s same old, same old holiday affair? The arrival of the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine is met with oohs and aahs before everyone rushes to fight for a turn to be first at hearing their fate.

This inimitable contraption is here to impress and entertain with its lights, motion, action, and sounds. If you see a large cluster of people at your party, chances are they are going to be crowded around the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine to hear its predictions.



Have you ever had someone reach across to grab your hand and point out something they see in one of the lines of your hand? If so, they were doing an informal palm reading. This practice has roots in many different ancient cultures, including the Chinese, Hindu, and Roma.

By looking at the lines that run the length of and across the palm, the reader can form interpretations of a person’s character and make predictions about their life in the future.

The most important are the head, heart, and lifelines, and most intuitive readings are based upon these three. A SoulTopia palm reader delights all in their path.


Fortune Tellers

How familiar are you with the various methods used by fortune tellers? When most people think of a fortune teller, they think only of the old-fashioned concept of a woman gazing into a crystal ball. However, our fortune tellers utilize many different ways to have your fortune told, including:

● Crystals

● Tarot cards

● Oracle and angel cards

● Crystal ball

In addition to being perfect at a smaller, more intimate gathering, this is also a particular favorite at large corporate events because it invites much discussion between people as they rush to compare and contrast the fortunes that they have just been told.


Chakra Readings with Bracelets

Are you knowledgeable about chakras? The seven chakras are spiritual energies that run throughout the body and promote harmony within. For the body to properly function, it is important to keep all of the chakras flowing. Here is a description of the seven different types:

● Crown, for enlightenment and spiritual connection

● Heart, for love and peace

● Root, for stability and grounding

● Sacral, for creative and sexual energies

● Solar plexus, for self-confidence and self-esteem

● Third-eye, for intuition and vision

● Throat, for communication and truth

Chakra readings with bracelets are a big hit among those seeking fabulous entertainment services. During this reading, crystals are cast onto a chakra cloth to help determine the state of your chakras.

From there, a beautiful crystal bracelet is made into a wearable reading for you to keep. It is once you have this knowledge that you can work on increasing the flow to maximize your energy and well-being.


Aura and Chakra Readings with Photos

Have you had a chakra reading with bracelets and were so intrigued that you want to delve further into this practice?

If so, receiving aura and chakra readings with photos may be of great interest to you. Photos are taken to capture the various colors of your energy field, which can show areas of stress, disharmony, and other emotions.

Once taken, photos are analyzed depending upon the colors demonstrated in different areas of the body. Suggestions for healing methods are then based upon the results to help restore positive health.

This is another practice that is fun to compare with friends so you can see what colors everyone is projecting.


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