SoulTopia ~ Utopia for Your Beautiful Soul

So this is my first blog and it will be a short one. I have been asked why…why would I do “this.” I actually was asked that by a fellow attorney. And I really wanted to respond… why would you be an attorney that seems to hate what you do…but I refrained because that is the Michelle I don’t want to be anymore. I thought about the question and I said, “because it is who I have always been.”

I am a spiritual being. I am a soul. I am a beautiful soul. But somewhere along my journey, I lost sight of those things. I became religious. I became material. Now before you get up in arms, I am not saying religion is inherently bad. Yet for me it had become something rigid and pro forma…there was nothing spiritual about it anymore… for me. The church I was attending said the name of the church more than the name of the Creator (I actually tallied it in church the last time I attended and it was about 10 to 1). So although church and religion is great for some…I sought a more spiritual experience. One I knew I had experienced as a child when I spoke to angels. Yes, when I spoke to angels and they spoke to me.

I always just “knew” things before other people knew them. I was labeled as being “too sensitive.” Well now I know that is called an empath and I say thank you to such a compliment. But I wanted that childlike faith in my life once more. I wanted to be close to my Creator and to my angels and to my guides as I was when I was young. I called upon them and quickly realized they had never left me.

So I threw out the criticisms and fears that had been place on me and I embraced my authentic self. I am just me. This is who I have always been. I can tell you that I am a kinder, gentler version of me…but I am still just me. A spiritual seeker…a soul…a beautiful soul…like you.


First published April 6, 2015