The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are said to harness the power of the sun, the moon, and the Earth. Fans of these beautiful stones tout their holistic healing properties, created by the power of positive intentions. When we hold crystals or wear them close to our bodies, they amplify the good vibrations we put out into the world.

To get started on this personalized practice of well-being, here are the key steps one should take:

Understand Your Crystal

The first step in working with healing stones is to understand them as a whole. Crystals are very powerful and possess very strong capabilities. As humans are entropic, the power held within the crystal flows through to the human when the two are in connection. When you look at your crystals, you will be reminded of your connection to the universe and its infinite powers. Understanding and accepting the abilities of your crystal is a vital aspect of the process.

Choosing the Right Crystal

Although it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when it comes to healing crystals, trust your intuition and choose the stone you feel a natural attraction and connection to.

The shape of a crystal can impact your overall experience when working with that particular stone. You can choose natural, rough stones or polished versions that are easy to carry or wear. ― These are the properties of some of the most common healing crystal shapes:

  • Pointed crystal: Those who use healing stones use the pointed stone as a powerful tool to manifest and amplify intentions. This versatile choice is great for beginners as it has diverse uses and effectively radiates your energy into the universe.
  • Cube-shaped crystal: This grounding stone is useful to create a sense of calm and well-being. These are also used as protection stones, often by placing one in each of a room’s four corners.
  • Heart crystal: If you find a heart crystal, keep it close to your own heart. It will pick up your loving intentions.
  • Crystal spheres: These stones have a grounding effect because they’re sending equal energy in every direction. Many who use crystals find that the round shapes promote a sense of harmony.
  • Cylinder: To support meditation practice, try using two cylindrical crystals together. Known as a harmonizer, the pair is said to promote spiritual and emotional balance.
  • Pyramid crystal:  Used by ancient civilizations, this shape is renowned for its powerful manifestation properties. Try writing down your intentions and placing a pyramid crystal on top.

Cleansing Crystals

Selenite and Quartz are cleansing crystals, which are known to clear out energies through exposure. As crystals hold so much power, over time, they can become overloaded with energy. While some people believe it is important to cleanse your crystals, it is not a necessary step for a successful conveyance of capabilities. Crystals are very powerful objects and possess the ability to withhold an overload of energy. It is not required for humans to clean crystals to better endure their strengths.

SoulTopia Healing Crystals

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First published December 31, 2018

Understanding Holistic Healing and the Metaphysical

Though holistic healing may be considered “new age” by those unfamiliar with the term, the philosophy guiding this practice has existed for thousands of years. While there are many metaphysical healing techniques, from crystal healing to aromatherapy, the underlying belief remains the same: The mind and the body are inseparable and therefore must be treated together.

Metaphysics and the Body

When we experience anxiety, depression and other negative emotions, our bodies can be affected in the same way that physical pain or discomfort can influence our state of mind. Rather than focusing solely on physiological ailments, holistic healing is dedicated to treating all aspects of being, which include:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Physical

We can experience misalignment (deviation from our natural balanced state) in any of these aspects, which may then affect the others. Treating only one may temporarily ease symptoms, but leave the original cause. Holistic healing, therefore, seeks to bring all levels of being into alignment to return us to our healthy and natural state.

Most metaphysical healing techniques focus on balancing energy. The techniques are not meant to replace medical treatment—in fact, it is best used in tandem with such care. While modern medicine treats the physical symptoms, we can harness our energy to heal our less tangible aspects. To that end, there are several popular and accessible methods you can use to start your alignment journey. Here are some examples:

Healing Crystals

Many individuals use tools to help them redirect or charge energy; A common choice being healing crystals. The type, shape, and even color of crystals influence how they may be used. A few widely-used crystals include:

Amethyst: This semi-precious violet stone can help shift your energy to a more spiritual state, helping you feel uplifted.
Jade: This mineral is well-known for its vibrant green color and may be used to aid you in achieving balance.
Ruby: This classic crimson precious stone can help charge your spiritual self when you’re feeling drained.

There are thousands of options when it comes to crystals, and each person may find they respond better to one type than another. Because of this, some experimentation may be in order to find the right stones best suited for you.

One of the most significant advantages to healing crystals is that once the right stone is determined, the application is simple. Lay the crystals on your body, wear them as jewelry, sleep near them, or choose to use them in meditation. Whichever way you decide to use them, you will experience their effects; however, physical contact is the most direct way to receive the benefits of a crystal.

Essential Oils

Essential oil therapy utilizes the properties of different herbal oils to treat various symptoms. For example, ginger is known to help relieve nausea and inflammation. Other essential oils have a calming effect, such as lavender, which can help sooth mental or emotional turmoil. Some individuals use particular scents when meditating to help them achieve their desired state of mind.

Rather than using an entire ginger root, the plant is distilled into a more concentrated form, which we call an essential oil. The oils themselves are not oily in texture. Their name comes from their chemical make-up, which includes oil-soluble plant materials.

There are two main methods to use essential oils: inhalation and absorption. Inhalation may be achieved by simply breathing in the scent from the bottle or application site, or by placing the oil into a diffuser for a wider range. Absorption involves rubbing oils into the skin on areas which may benefit from the oil’s properties, such as using ginger on arthritic fingers.

Holistic Healing Near Me

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