God Doesn’t Work that Way

Beautiful Souls,

I remember sitting in a mega-church in Plano about 13 years ago and hearing the pastor stand at the podium and tell about 5,000 + people on a Sunday morning that they better not mess up their witness or God would sit them on the bench (he loved to use sports analogies). God would sideline them…take them out of the game.
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Model Behaviors: Celebrating Discovery & the Redefined Woman

A couple weeks ago, I visited a little shop in Dallas called SoulTopia. I was kind of nervous about this meeting because I wanted to come across as outgoing and confident (neither are natural states for me). But when I walked inside, immediately to my right were two walls with shelves, reaching almost floor to ceiling, filled with Tarot card decks, books about Tarot, books about crystals, and other similar reading materials. As you might recall from my post few months ago, I grew up enamored by Tarot cards, Ouija boards, fairies, and anything magical, so seeing this wall of Tarot encouraged me.

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SoulTopia ~ Utopia for Your Beautiful Soul

So this is my first blog and it will be a short one. I have been asked why…why would I do “this.” I actually was asked that by a fellow attorney. And I really wanted to respond… why would you be an attorney that seems to hate what you do…but I refrained because that is the Michelle I don’t want to be anymore. I thought about the question and I said, “because it is who I have always been.”

I am a spiritual being. I am a soul. I am a beautiful soul. But somewhere along my journey, I lost sight of those things. I became religious. I became material. Now before you get up in arms, I am not saying religion is inherently bad. Yet for me it had become something rigid and pro forma…there was nothing spiritual about it anymore… for me. The church I was attending said the name of the church more than the name of the Creator (I actually tallied it in church the last time I attended and it was about 10 to 1). So although church and religion is great for some…I sought a more spiritual experience. One I knew I had experienced as a child when I spoke to angels. Yes, when I spoke to angels and they spoke to me.

I always just “knew” things before other people knew them. I was labeled as being “too sensitive.” Well now I know that is called an empath and I say thank you to such a compliment. But I wanted that childlike faith in my life once more. I wanted to be close to my Creator and to my angels and to my guides as I was when I was young. I called upon them and quickly realized they had never left me.

So I threw out the criticisms and fears that had been place on me and I embraced my authentic self. I am just me. This is who I have always been. I can tell you that I am a kinder, gentler version of me…but I am still just me. A spiritual seeker…a soul…a beautiful soul…like you.


First published April 6, 2015