The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are said to harness the power of the sun, the moon, and the Earth. Fans of these beautiful stones tout their holistic healing properties, created by the power of positive intentions. When we hold crystals or wear them close to our bodies, they amplify the good vibrations we put out into the world.

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Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes!

Beautiful Souls,

Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes! The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

After all…life is like a box of crystals according to Forrest Gump…well close enough…
1. Go to the dollar store or wherever you can find cute, affordable boxes. Pick out the size you want…I think the small ones with three spaces are really cute.
2. Eat the chocolate…after all, you should never be wasteful and chocolate is good for grounding so that’s a plus…

First published February 11, 2016

Metaphysical Stones and Their Meanings with Pictures

Nature abounds in miraculous creations that bring healing energy to all who seek it. Through the ages, tiny crystals have multiplied and combined to form a variety of stones with unique powers and features that remedy ailments, instill empowerment, and deliver clarity. Sages in these timeless arts have documented these metaphysical stones and their meanings with pictures, allowing future generations to benefit from their healing spirit, selectively choosing which stones they need.

Different Stones and How They Work

In the medicinal realm, hundreds of tinctures, ointments, and elixirs exist to aid in sickness, pain, and healing. The crystalline realm is no different, and from it, you can add to a lifelong self-care routine easily and seamlessly. As you begin this journey towards rejuvenation and well-being, take time to familiarize yourself with some of the more common stones and their particular powers.

  • Agate – Available in a variety of colors and forms, agate is an ancient stone that calms inner stress and delivers a grounding and stabilizing energy.
  • Amethyst– Full of wisdom and imbuing a sense of clarity and fulfillment, protection stones such as amethyst guard the psyche and help clear away resistance and fear.
  • Basalt– Issued forth from volcanic activity, basalt has a balancing nature that brings with it a spark of life and vitality like the lava from whence it came.
  • Copper– A harbinger of brighter times and positive outlooks, copper is known for good fortune and enduring stamina for your personal pursuits.
  • Emerald– Straight from the heart, emerald has long been associated with the purity of love and the compassionate kindness that this emotion requires for its existence.
  • Garnet– Motivating and vibrant, garnet is a beacon of health and order in a world that often brings levels of chaos and despair.
  • Jasper– Regardless of its varying appearance, jasper is always full of potential, ushering forth the power to open the mind and the realization of personal aspirations.
  • Lapis Lazuli– The dazzling blue color of this stone clearly communicates its soothing nature and the peaceful strength that lies beneath the surface.
  • Malachite– The healer’s stone. It is good for all types of pain. It helps with depression and manic depression. It is also a money stone.
  • Moonstone– Mysterious and mystical, moonstone swirls together feminine layers of confidence, ancient wisdom and the concepts of beginnings and endings.
  • Obsidian– The shine and clarity of obsidian are in direct relation to its stone meaning of inner reflection and the perspective shifting powers of personal growth.
  • Peridot– As green as the jealousy it helps to dispel, peridot is an enlightening stone that delivers relief from negative energy and enlivens the soul with freedom.
  • Petrified Wood– Transformed from plant to crystal, petrified wood is appropriately symbolized by longevity and a timeless conduit to our ancestral past.
  • Quartz– One look into the clear depths of a quartz crystal is all you need to understand the mental clarity and continuous flow of energy that this stone can promise.
  • Selenite– A desert rose, selenite is formed by a unique configuration of crystals that come together in a cluster of truthful energies and divine intentions.
  • Tiger Eye– Within the marbled strata of layers, this stone is known for its fearless qualities, enhancing confidence and clarity like a tiger through the jungle.
  • Turquoise– Inspiring creativity and aiding in safe travels on your journey, turquoise has a long history of supporting wisdom, expression, and inner peace.
  • Vesuvianite– The cleansing powers of vesuvianite are a source of loyal energies that boost your spiritual foundation and refine your aural spectrum.

Bringing Stones to Your Life

These earthly formations are full of answers and meaning, and bringing such natural wonders into your life and home is a simple way to uplift your spirits and fully engage in your life. The knowledgeable team at SoulTopia understand how powerful this transformation can be and is ready to assist you on this adventure.

Begin this exploration today and let SoulTopia help you navigate the world of stone meaning and their powers of possibility and endless wonder.

What Are Protection Stones?

Protection stones are rocks or crystals used to keep negative energy at bay, inspiring positive influences. Various stones and crystals have been used for centuries by healers amongst multiple religions and cultures around the world. Whether your aim is to feel good mentally or physically, there is a protection stone with the specific qualities to assist in doing so.

The Many Types and Uses of Protection Stones

We are living in an exceedingly divisive time of modern history where the “us” versus “them” theory is prevalent. Society’s framework creates a lot of friction amongst the public and often results in negative energy. In addition, there are many other causes of negative energy.

The passing of loved ones, the end of long-term relationships, missed opportunities for advancement at work; whatever the reason, negative influences take a toll on our overall well-being. Thankfully, one way to ward them off and attract positive vibes is through the use of protection stones.

Below are a few of the more common protection stones with information on how and why they are used.

  • Amethyst – Amethyst emanates a soothing and protective energy. It is also well known for its healing qualities and is often recommended for caregivers, nurses, doctors, and anyone else working in the healthcare industry. Amethyst is also suggested to be used by anyone suffering from phobias, headaches, addictions, asthma, panic attacks, or PMS.
  •  Black Kyanite – If you struggle with letting go, especially of bad relationships and people who drain your energy, this is the stone for you. Visualize your ties to the person while holding the crystal and then use the crystal to cut that imaginary tie. This should help to free you from their hold and return your peace of mind. Because of its primary use, Black Kyanite is often called the Nonattachment Stone.
  • Black Tourmaline – When it comes to all-round protection, Black Tourmaline has your back. It is often recommended as a daily protection stone used for repelling negative energy. The stone creates a protective cloak around you that blocks the negative thoughts and feelings you could have otherwise absorbed.
  • Citrine – Also known as Gold Topaz and “the success stone,” citrine harnesses the power of the golden sunlight to bring warmth and happiness into your personal life, including relationships with others. Citrine encourages free thought and inspires those who use it to push for the realization of their dreams ― hence the reason for its nickname. Some healers also use this stone to treat thyroid imbalances and diseases of the bladder.
  • Tourmalated Quartz – Tourmalated Quartz is a constant reminder that we all house pillars of strength in the very core of our being. These pillars help to hold us up in some of our weakest moments and help provide us with that same strength and support to others who may need it. Because of its ability to inspire internal strength, it is considered a very powerful protection stone.

How to Use Protection Stones

Though most protection stones and healing crystals may be used through the incorporation of one’s wardrobe or décor, some require a more intricate process for the best results. These processes may require meditation, visualization, and other special techniques, making it so important to be in regular contact with a healer or guide.

Contact us to learn about crystals, protection stones, and their many uses. You may also be interested in booking a Crystal Healing Session with the owner, Michelle Welch. We will be happy to provide you with more information on what protection stones are best for you and how healing crystals can improve your everyday life.

Healing Crystals and Stones

Hello my name is Michelle and I’m a crystal book addict. There…I admitted it. As my children were growing up, I always told them the one thing I didn’t mind buying them was books. I love books. I love research. But here’s the rub: sometimes too many crystal books can get downright confusing. Most of them merely regurgitate what others have written about crystals, while others will list a crystal’s properties and will say the crystal helps with everything in and out of this world. It is overwhelming to say the least.

So how do you pick a crystal book? Here are a few of my recommendations:
1. Go straight to the index at the back of the book. Perhaps think of a word or topic of interest ahead of time such as “angels” then see if you can find it in the index. Also make sure they index the crystals…believe it or not, some don’t.
2. Then go to the body of the book. Determine if you like the book arranged by:
a.. Color – great for when you are trying to identify a stone, but not so great when you are trying to look up the qualities of a stone.
b. Alphabetical – my personal favorite because I can find a stone quickly.

c. Properties – this is great when you want a quick reference book according to the reason you are needing a stone such as anxiety. You look up “anxiety” and it lists the stones that will help.
3. What is the picture quality? You really want a clear picture. Are they raw, tumbled, or gem stone quality?  Many often want to see what the stone looks like when tumbled.
4. What data is provided? Do you just want the 411 on what the crystals can do for you or do you want more information such as the historical background of the stone?
5. What type of information is included? Do you want a book primarily about crystals for health or do you want a wide variety?
6. Do you resonate (vibe) with the author’s explanations?
If you are like me and love research, then lots of books are fine. But be warned: when they contradict one another it can get overwhelming and even frustrating. I recommend (but I don’t always take my own advice) sticking to two to four books…or even one if you can do it! Good luck with that!!!!

Some of my go to books are:

1. The Crystal Healer, Philip Permutt – This book has a great index, pictures and short explanations that stay with you. A special index has crystals broken down into crystals for emotional issues, physical issues, mental(intellectual) issues, and spiritual issues.
Con: the crystals are in color order within the book; therefore, making it sometimes difficult to quickly find the crystal you are looking for.


2. The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons  – It has a very good reference book due to its thorough index, good photographs and good information. The explanations are good on every level: historical, scientific and metaphysical properties. I especially love the pocket edition which is great for easy reference.
Con: I’m not a big fan of trademarking stones and Mr. Simmons does trademark stones. 


3. The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall
You name it, Hall has written it. The Crystal Bible Volume 1 and perhaps 2 are great resources. Decent index, good photographs, and alphabetical order (which obviously I prefer over grouping by color).
Helpful hint: when there are several volumes to crystal books, they tend to progress in the rarity, and therefore, price of the stones.


4. Crystal Prescriptions, Judy Hall
This is my go to book for physical ailments. I “don’t leave home without it.” It contains stones primarily for physical issues, but it does include other topics including emotional issues such as depression. I suggest only buying volume one to begin. It is small and easy to quickly use. You might also want to put it on Kindle on your phone for quick reference. You won’t regret purchasing this handy book if you are a crystal healer.


5. The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and StonesMargaret Ann Lembo
I really like the energy she puts into her descriptions. I have met her on several occasions and she is a lovely person with a soothing energy. The book is in alphabetical order, but her unique descriptions of stones are what I like. It is obvious she doesn’t just cut and paste what has been stated over and over. However, sometimes this can lead to a slight bit of confusion if consulting other books because what she writes about a stone’s properties may be different than what others have to say. I find her descriptions to be quite refreshing and interesting.

Again, this is a partial list. I know there are a million other books out there. I probably own them…Roger, my husband, will certainly be glad to tell you that I do. BUT remember I told you I’m a crystal book addict and thus far I’ve found no cure…I’m sure there is a crystal (no, not just amethyst) for that! Do you need to purchase books? Well…I don’t even relate to that question since I love books so much, but no. You can use your own intuition to ascertain properties of a stone or use the dictionary of the gods…Google. But websites are a blog for another day. You can always drop by my store, SoulTopia, to look through my library of crystal books or to purchase the one’s mentioned in this blog. Until next time…

Crystal Blessings,
Michelle Welch

The Five Best Crystals You Need for Meditation

5 Crystals ~ 5 Minutes

Recovery Meditation

Whether you have just completed a nice long run, lifted weights or are easing your way down into Savasana, your energetic and physical bodies need the signal to begin recovery. Taking just five minutes of meditation with five special crystals will help this process. The meditation will help your entire body relax. Then your body will entrain to the fixed dominant oscillary rate (DOR) of the crystals which will initiate the recovery.

The Five Crystals

The five crystals you need for the meditation are Ametrine, Fluorite, Bloodstone, Calcite and Smokey Quartz. For purposes of workout recovery, these crystals help in the following ways:

1. Ametrine

– Ametrine is a two for one crystal. It naturally combines Amethyst, a master healer, and Citrine a revitalizing crystal. The combination helps emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It stabilizes any dysfunctional energy and promotes stability, strength and uplifting energy. It also helps you quickly ease into your Five Crystals – Five Minutes Recovery Meditation.

2. Rainbow Fluorite

– Fluorite brings order out of chaos. As humans, we all have a non-fixed DOR which causes entropy (chaos). The fixed DOR of the Fluorite brings balance and coordination not only physically, but also mentally. While any color of Fluorite will work, Rainbow Fluorite covers all the bases.

3. Bloodstone

– Bloodstone is a form of Green Chalcedony with spots of Red Jasper. It is a purification and courage crystal. It eliminates any unwanted toxins and builds up strength. Once things that no longer serve you (toxicity) are released you will then have the courage and motivation to move forward in great strength and tenacity.

4. Calcite

– Calcite is found in a variety of colors but all help to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tissues. Yellow and Red Calcite both provide strength and energy, but you may choose whichever color you are drawn to for your practice.

5. Smokey Quartz

– Smokey Quartz will not only ground you during Savasana, but it will also clear your aura of any lingering negativity. It will dispel that which does not serve you and send the unwanted energy to Mother Earth to be recycled for good.


The Five Minutes

Place the Smokey Quartz between your feet, the Ametrine at the top of your head (crown chakra), the Bloodstone on your navel, and hold the Calcite and Fluorite in the palms of your hands.

Begin to sink into Savasana as you get in touch with your breath. Bring your attention to the Smokey Quartz between your feet. Allow it to help you become one with your mat and Mother Earth. Visualize roots extending out from the soles of your feet. They grow down into and around Gaia’s core anchoring and grounding you. Ask Gaia to take any energy that does not serve your highest good. She will draw out that which is not serving you and will recycle the energy for good.

Slowly draw your attention to the Ametrine at your crown. Visualize its beautiful purple and orange colors as the Ametrine connects your upper chakras to your lower chakras. Now feel the energy rise to the top of your head (crown chakra). Imagine the purple and orange flowing in a lemniscate (infinity) shape all the way from your crown to just below your feet. As the flow of energy circulates, invite any potential healing or recovery that might be needed.

Become aware of the Fluorite and Calcite in your hands. The Fluorite calms you and balances you even more allowing any remaining stress to melt away. Invite the Calcite to begin strengthening your muscles, tissue, and ligaments while also infusing you with vitality.

Next, allow the Bloodstone to enter your journey. As it purifies and eliminates any toxins (that which does not serve your highest and best good), it will replace that energy with courage, tenacity, and motivation.

Stay a moment longer to soak in the frequencies of these crystals. You are very relaxed but also feel energized, restored and revitalized. You have a calm, focused zeal for life.

Travel deep into the core of Gaia and see your energy securely rooted to Mother Earth with the help of Smokey Quartz. Pull some of that energy all the way up through your root, sacral and solar plexus. Now travel out into the heavens with the help of Ametrine. Pull some of the sparks of light down through your crown, brow, and throat chakras.

Bring your hands together in a prayer-like position at your heart chakra and give gratitude for the time spent in your practice.

When you are ready, begin to gently wiggle your toes and fingers and when you are ready rise up in strength and recovery.


More About Michelle:

Michelle Welch is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Management, Baylor Law School with a Juris Doctorate, and is pursuing a Doctorate in Philosophy. She is Owner and Founder of SoulTopia, LLC, owner of SoulTopia Academy, host of SoulTopia Shenanigans on YouTube and is a regular guest on FOX Radio. Her own life transformation from a successful attorney and law school adjunct professor to passionately assisting others on their life path through her ownership of SoulTopia gives her unique perspective and insight.  She utilizes her entrepreneurial skills, extensive community service work, and years of experience in mentoring and teaching to help others reach their full potential. She specializes in helping people gain clarity, discover their soul’s purpose, overcome trauma, and claim self-empowerment. She is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master/Teacher and a Crystal Healer Master/Teacher and holds numerous other certifications in various healing and intuitive modalities. As a “reformed attorney”, she decided to pursue her soul purpose and is passionate about her calling to assist others in gaining clarity and self-empowerment. In Intuitive and Healing Sessions, Michelle receives clear messages for you and has a direct, yet compassionate, form of delivery. As an empath and “clair-blend” she utilizes “modality-matching” to determine the best tools suited to meet her client’s desires or needs. She is also available by appointment for Intuitive Sessions and Healing Sessions at SoulTopia.


Crystal Advent Calendar

Beautiful Souls,

I always have enjoyed Advent Calendars counting down the days to Christmas. I loved the excitement of opening the little door and seeing what chocolate there was for that day. I must admit that sometimes I would open a couple because I wanted the chocolate and I also was excited for the big day.

There is so much candy and food between Thanksgiving and New Years that we at SoulTopia have decided to use crystals…of course!

This is a great chance for creativity and a fun project with your kids. Grab some little brown envelopes or little boxes at the office supply store or craft store and decorate them. If you use envelopes, you can pin them to a board with push pins or hang them from a cute string with clothes pins. If you use boxes, a really cute thing to do is stack them like a Christmas tree.

Now the really fun part!!! Come to SoulTopia and get 25 crystals, one for each day. Make this part a surprise for the kids (or adults!)
Now you are ready for your crystal countdown to the big day!

Michelle Welch
Owner ~ SoulTopia

I’ve already been asked for a list of Crystals. You can choose whatever you want, but here is a suggested list:
1. Angelite “Angel Stone”
2. Black Agate “Protection Stone
3. Carnelian “Creativity Stone”
4. Dumortierite “Pain-Away Stone
5. Emerald “Heart Stone”
6. Fluorite “Orderly Stone”
7. Goldstone “Vibrancy Stone”
8. Hematite “Grounding Stone”
9. Iolite “Third-Eye Stone”
10. Jade “Prosperity Stone”
11. Kyanite – “Clearing Stone”
12. Labradorite- “Magic Stone”
13. Moonstone -“Goddess Stone”
14. Nuummite -“Sorcerer’s Stone”
15. Opalite – “Empath Stone”
16. Pyrite – “Happy Stone”
17. Quartz – “Clarity Stone”
18. Rose Quartz – “Love Stone”
19. Sodalite – “Gentle Truth Stone”
20. Tiger’s Eye-“Good Fortune Stone”
21. Unakite – “Past Life Stone”
22. Vesuvianite – “Loyalty Stone”
23. White Howlite – “Action Stone”
24. Yellow Jasper – “Confidence Stone”
25. Zoisite (Ruby) – “Harmony Stone”

Divine Guidance Comes in Many Forms

Beautiful Souls,

Many people come to SoulTopia to receive “readings.” Most of those people ask, “What type of readings do you offer?” I used to run through a long list of ways that I received and delivered intuitive messages. Angel Messages, Oracle Card Readings, Tarot Readings, Crystal Readings, Charm Casting Readings, Spirit Readings, Psychometry Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Clairaudient Readings, All the Clairs, Clair-Blend, Ribbon Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Fairy Readings…you get my point. Each time I always thought, “what is the point of all of this labeling?”

I have finally after much contemplation come to the point where I answer, “I deliver intuitive messages.” You see, it really does not matter how a reader receives a message as long as you resonate with the message they are delivering. The tool is not the message. It is merely a tool. Just as a guide is just that…a guide. A reader may use cards, astrology, crystals, sticks, stones or bones to help divine a message. They may use no divination tool at all. They may hold your hands or not take your hands. They may close their eyes or not. The label given the form of divination is only helpful in that it lets you know what tool(s) the reader is or is not using. I encourage us all to begin asking the more important question: does my vibration match, resonate and jive with that of the reader? The messages will come – no matter the tool or lack thereof. It is the messenger that is the conduit and vehicle to Divine, Source, All that Is.

Crystal Cheers,
Michelle Welch

Kali the Fierce Hindu Goddess

In anticipation of our March Madness: Shadow Side SoulTopia Sensation on Sunday, March 19th, it seemed fitting to talk about one of my favorite Goddesses, the fierce and mighty Kali.
It seems we often tend to want to make everything beautiful and tie it up with a love and light bow. But query me this…is life always so “perfect?” Are we possibly neglecting parts of ourselves if we always project that we have no struggles? Is there advantage in exploring our shadow side and is our shadow side always something “negative?” Many philosophers have broached this subject, which I believe is healthy, and many have come away with differing opinions, which I also believe is healthy. I encourage ALL of us to get back to the spirit of mature and robust discussions to help us grow. Do we have to agree? I honestly hope we don’t always agree. “Group think” is quite different than universal consciousness…think about that one. So with that out of the way, let’s get back to KALI.

Kali is a fierce Hindu Goddess that can actually be scary to some. She doesn’t try to be beautiful to make you feel comfortable with her. You see, she is about FEAR. Yes, again, sorry if that isn’t “positive talk” enough for you. But let’s not sugar coat it. She may scare those who don’t understand her and even some who do. But for those who attempt to understand her, she will help them overcome fears and work through things that are not healthy for them such as anger and jealousy. This shadow work will bring about a healthier self by cutting through obstacles and also slaying personal demons. This is not work for the faint of heart, but it is heart healing. When Kali enters your life you will experience necessary change. She can help you detach from people, go your own way, change jobs or help with any other tough transition. She carries a weapon in one hand, but the other hand is empty in order to reach out and help. One of my FAVORITE things about the fierce and mighty Kali is that she is the Goddess of Victims of Domestic Violence. Thank Kali for that!

The crystals that were given to me as I channeled the SoulKali bracelet for the SoulGoddess line were (all are highly recommended for your crystal collection):

Black Tourmaline – This HIGHLY protective stone is a must for your crystal collection. It absorbs, deflects and transmutes negative energy. It acts as a shield from psychic attacks, negative thoughts from others and all negative energy. Black Tourmaline (Schorl) might just be Kali in crystal form!

Smoky Quartz – Another highly protective stone, but also one of the most grounding stones. It helps us feel safe and secure. It helps with fear, depression, addictions and obsessions. Smoky Quartz completes the circuit between us and nature. It transmutes negativity sending it back to Mother Earth where it is recycled for good.

Garnet – A stone for those who have suffered trauma and any type of abuse. Garnet helps one feel safe, secure and helps alleviate worry, fear, and panic bringing a sense of calm and groundedness. It also aids in working through disruptions within the family and home.

Labradorite – A stone of magic. A true magician wants power only over himself (self-mastery) and has no desire to control or abuse others. It also clears the aura of negative energy and psychic attacks.

Crystal Cheers,
Michelle Welch