Retrograde Traffic Jam

Between April 9th and April 15th, four planets will be retrograde simultaneously causing a retrograde traffic jam of sorts. In the midst of this, the Pink Full Moon falls on April 11th. Many consider retrograde periods to be “oh @#$!” time periods. But a retrograde planet is not necessarily something to dread. It can be an opportunity to pause, reflect, and course correct if needed.

While Mercury Retrograde garners most of the attention because it happens several times a year, other planets go retrograde too. From April 9th to April 15th, four planets will be retrograde. So what does this mean for us? First, what is the meaning of retrograde? Retrograde in this case is the apparent backward motion of a certain planet through the sky, as observed from Earth. This apparent retrograde motion is caused by the Earth traveling past a slower-moving planet or the Earth is itself being passed by a faster-moving inner planet. The perspective is important because we view things from an earthly perspective.

Pink Full Moon (or Easter Moon)

April 11th

Any full moon is a time to RE-lease that which does not serve you. They are times of RE-birth as is the Pink Moon specifically. During this Pink Full Moon it is a perfect time to RE-fresh, RE-generate and purify your intentions.

Crystal for the Pink Full Moon: Moss Agate

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra: February 6th – June 9th

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and progress. Jupiter fosters positive growth and helps us get on our best path. Success, accomplishments, and prosperity are all associated with Jupiter. Jupiter is a large and slow moving planet. Where Mercury goes retrograde about three times per year for 19 to 24 days at a time, Jupiter spends 120 days in its single, annual retrograde.

When Jupiter goes retrograde, it is a good time to RE-view our vision, ideals, and belief systems.

Jupiter Rx Crystals:

Green aventurine, Citrine, Tiger’s eye, Amazonite

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius: April 6th – August, 25th

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn Retrograde is a double dose of karma.  With Saturn is in retrograde motion, the karma will relate to how responsible you have been in the past. Karmic balance is found as karmic debts are RE-paid. Through this retrograde period, everyone can move on toward emotional happiness and successful relationships for the future.

When Saturn goes retrograde, it is time to maintain the status quo in your career and not break new ground in your life if possible.

Check your karma! Mind your own energy!

Saturn Rx Crystals:

Rhodochrosite, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: April 9th – May 3rd

Mercury governs communication and travel. When Mercury goes retrograde, it is a good time to meditate, contemplate, write and catch up on sleep. Since Mercury rules communication be extra aware of what you say when you speak to friends and colleagues. Things can get very twisted in texts and in emails. It is a good time to communicate directly. It is also a good time to delay signing or entering into any legal or binding contracts. Computers, televisions and cars also tend to stop working properly during this time.


Mercury Rx Crystals:

Hematite, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Fluorite

Venus Retrograde in Aries and Pisces: March 4th – April 15th

The good news? Venus Retrograde has the shortest duration of all planets that go retrograde so the “madness” won’t last long. Venus is about love and relationships. When Venus goes retrograde it is a time to RE-flect on your values, and to RE-view your relationships. Old friends and/or lovers may reenter your life. Consider carefully whether you want to dive back into that relationship. You might also want to avoid beginning a new love relationship. Remember this is the shortest retrograde period…patience…you can wait I promise!

Venus Rx Crystals: 

Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

In summary:

Between April 9-15th these four planets will be retrograde in conjunction with the Pink Full Moon on April 11th. Instead of “blaming it on retrograde,” let’s try “claiming RE.” What do I mean? Decide to assert your power to

RE-think, RE-assess, RE-evaluate, RE-examine and so forth, and primarily RE-claim your power. You intend and create what happens in your life.

Work with the universe to RE-imagine RE-trograde.

(Oh yeah…just when we think we are out of the celestial way, Pluto goes retro on April 20th, but we will deal with mysterious Pluto later).

Crystal Cheers,
Michelle Welch