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Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes!

Beautiful Souls, Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes! The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day After all…life is like a box of crystals according to Forrest Gump…well close enough… 1. Go to the dollar store or wherever you can find cute, affordable boxes. Pick out the size you want…I think the small ones with three spaces are really cute.…

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Minding Our Own Energy!

Beautiful Souls, Let’s discuss the phrase…”be responsible for the energy that you bring.” It’s such a simple little phrase, yet so important.   I propose that we stop accusing others of having negative or low vibrations. Instead let us begin at the starting point: “Minding our own energy!” In fact, I kind of like the phrase…”mind…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are said to harness the power of the sun, the moon, and the Earth. Fans of these beautiful stones tout their holistic healing properties, created by the power of positive intentions. When we hold crystals or wear them close to our bodies, they amplify the good vibrations we put out into the world.…

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SoulTopia ~ Utopia for Your Beautiful Soul

So this is my first blog and it will be a short one. I have been asked why…why would I do “this.” I actually was asked that by a fellow attorney. And I really wanted to respond… why would you be an attorney that seems to hate what you do…but I refrained because that is…

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Metaphysical Stones: Meanings

Nature abounds in miraculous creations that bring healing energy to all who seek it. Through the ages, tiny crystals have multiplied and combined to form a variety of stones with unique powers and features that remedy ailments, instill empowerment, and deliver clarity. Sages in these timeless arts have documented these metaphysical stones and their meanings with pictures,…

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What Are Protection Stones?

Protection stones are rocks or crystals used to keep negative energy at bay, inspiring positive influences. Various stones and crystals have been used for centuries by healers amongst multiple religions and cultures around the world. Whether your aim is to feel good mentally or physically, there is a protection stone with the specific qualities to…

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5 Best Books About Crystals

Healing Crystals and Stones Hello my name is Michelle and I’m a crystal book addict. There…I admitted it. As my children were growing up, I always told them the one thing I didn’t mind buying them was books. I love books. I love research. But here’s the rub: sometimes too many crystal books can get downright…

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Understanding Holistic Healing and the Metaphysical

Although holistic healing may be considered “new age” by those unfamiliar with the term, the philosophy guiding this practice has existed for thousands of years. While there are many metaphysical healing techniques, from crystal healing to aromatherapy, the underlying belief remains the same: The mind and the body are inseparable and therefore must be treated together. Metaphysics…

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The Five Best Crystals You Need for Meditation

5 Crystals ~ 5 Minutes Recovery Meditation Whether you have just completed a nice long run, lifted weights or are easing your way down into Savasana, your energetic and physical bodies need the signal to begin recovery. Taking just five minutes of meditation with five special crystals will help this process. The meditation will help…

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