Minding our own energy!

Beautiful Souls,

Let’s discuss the phrase…”be responsible for the energy that you bring.” It’s such a simple little phrase, yet so important.

I propose that we stop accusing others of having negative or low vibrations. Instead let us begin at the starting point: “Minding our own energy!”

In fact, I kind of like the phrase…”mind your own energy.” Let’s get our own houses clean before we start accusing others (or even Mercury Retrograde).
– Let’s start from a place of love.
– Let’s start from a place of light.
– Let’s begin with crystals to enhance our joy and vitality such as citrine and carnelian.

Light and love as beginning points really do drive out the need to always talk about negative and low vibes. I think we will all be amazed at how much more joy we manifest in our lives.
Begin with the energy you bring. “Mind your own energy.”

Crystal Cheers,

First published March 17, 2016