Holiday Crystal Cheers

As we enter the holiday season filled with warm lights and cheerful festivity, we also acknowledge these may be challenging times for many. We may be barraged with feelings from a different time in our lives. This nostalgia is often bittersweet. The holidays trigger many thoughts and emotions. Hopefully, they are pleasant and happy reminiscences. Unfortunately, for some the memories are of experiences that brought disappointment and sadness. This holiday season we pray for love, peace, and glad tidings for all.

Crystals are beautiful energetic beings that help bring us cheer on our holiday journey. Below is a list of common stressors many of us experience during the holiday season and the crystals we can implement to help support us in a positive way.

Making Preparations – As we enter the holiday season we have a list as long as Santa’s beard of things that we may feel pressed to accomplish…sending cards, decorating, gift buying, cooking and traveling…you get the idea. Crystals for energy and vitality such as Carnelian, Red Calcite, Red Jasper, and Fire Agate are great energy boosters. Red Calcite not only increases energy, it uplifts emotions and increases willpower. To alleviate any accompanying stress, Amethyst, Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, and Topaz are excellent. Lepidolite is natural lithium and the perfect stone for stress and anxiety.

Controlling Spending – The holidays are a great time of giving joyfully to others in our lives. However sometimes the holidays become commercialized and materialized, and we may find ourselves stretching our budget thin. Crystals that help us watch our spending and stay grounded can prove beneficial. Amethyst, Chalcedony, Galena, Green Tourmaline, Onyx, Red Calcite, Smokey Quartz, and Spirit Quartz help with grounding and self-control. Onyx is the go-to stone for self-control and self-mastery.

Focusing and Calming Racing Minds– Give yourself the gift of focused attention by working with Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Fluorite and Hematite. Hematite is a grounding stone that also calms the mind and helps us stay focused on the task at hand. Fluorite focuses the mind and creates order out of potential chaos.

Asking for Help – Sometimes letting others know you need assistance with preparations can relieve undue pressure. If you have trouble asking for help, reach for a blue gemstone such as Sodalite.  Sodalite will help you calmly “speak your truth,” before frustration enters the picture.

Traveling Safely – As the actual day of the holiday approaches, many of us find ourselves traveling by road, air or perhaps even taking a cruise. Malachite, Moonstone, and Turquoise are all crystals for safe and comfortable travel. Aquamarine is well known for safety at sea. Work with Malachite to connect with Archangel Raphael, the Patron Angel of Travel.

Alleviating Homesickness – Many people find themselves unable to physically be with their loved ones during the holidays. Amethyst and Cerussite help with homesickness by helping us enjoy our present circumstances.

Eating Healthy – The potential for overeating during the holidays is a very real issue. Work functions and holiday parties may be a true concern for many that struggle in this area. Angelite, Apatite, Astrophyllite, Citrine, Clear Calcite, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Red Calcite, Red Jasper, Rhodonite, Ruby, Shungite, Sunstone, and Unakite all help with various issues involved in healthy eating. Apatite boosts metabolism and helps control cravings while Shungite is perfect for cleansing.

Inviting Harmony – The holidays bring together friends and family. Harmony amongst those gathering together is of paramount concern.  Brown Tourmaline (Dravide), Citrine, Fuchsite, Tiger Iron, and Spirit Quartz are all excellent crystals for relationships and harmony.  Tiger Iron is a combination of Hematite, Jasper, and Tiger’s Eye.  It is especially helpful for bringing about harmony during family interactions.

Overcoming Grief – There is no doubt that days that are meant to be joyful may bring great sadness and even grief to those that have suffered loss or abandonment. Apache Tear and Yellow Calcite combine beautifully to soothe sadness, grief and loneliness.

SoulTopia sends you light and love this holiday season. We pray for peace and joy for all. – Roger and Michelle Welch

Michelle is the Owner of SoulTopia in Dallas, Texas. A “reformed attorney,” she embraces and is passionate about her soul’s purpose  to assist others in gaining clarity and self-empowerment. Michelle receives clear messages and has a direct, yet compassionate, form of delivery. As an empath and “clair-blend” she believes various tools serve as aids for channeling. She utilizes “modality-matching” to determine the modality best suited to meet her client’s desires or needs. Michelle particularly enjoys teaching including SoulTopia’s Crystal Healing Certification.


Cut out this chart and hang it on your refrigerator for easy reference during the holidays.


Red Calcite increases energy, uplifts emotions and increases willpower

Lepidolite eases stress and anxiety

Onyx go-to stone for self-control and self-mastery

Fluorite focuses the mind and creates order out of potential chaos

Sodalite helps you “speak your truth“

Malachite protects during travel

Amethyst alleviates homesickness

Apatite boosts metabolism and helps control cravings

Shungite cleanses and protects

Tiger Iron harmony during family interactions

Apache Tear and Yellow Calcite combine beautifully to soothe sadness, grief and loneliness

Suggested use: carry these crystals in a special pouch throughout the holidays, put them in a bowl or basket in your home, or make a crystal grid with them. NOTE: If you want to make a gem elixir from these stones, you MUST use the indirect method (not placing in the water you will actually use) due to the toxicity and water solubility of some of these stones