Crystal Advent Calendar

Beautiful Souls,

I always have enjoyed Advent Calendars counting down the days to Christmas. I loved the excitement of opening the little door and seeing what chocolate there was for that day. I must admit that sometimes I would open a couple because I wanted the chocolate and I also was excited for the big day.

There is so much candy and food between Thanksgiving and New Years that we at SoulTopia have decided to use crystals…of course!

This is a great chance for creativity and a fun project with your kids. Grab some little brown envelopes or little boxes at the office supply store or craft store and decorate them. If you use envelopes, you can pin them to a board with push pins or hang them from a cute string with clothes pins. If you use boxes, a really cute thing to do is stack them like a Christmas tree.

Now the really fun part!!! Come to SoulTopia and get 25 crystals, one for each day. Make this part a surprise for the kids (or adults!)
Now you are ready for your crystal countdown to the big day!

Michelle Welch
Owner ~ SoulTopia

I’ve already been asked for a list of Crystals. You can choose whatever you want, but here is a suggested list:
1. Angelite “Angel Stone”
2. Black Agate “Protection Stone
3. Carnelian “Creativity Stone”
4. Dumortierite “Pain-Away Stone
5. Emerald “Heart Stone”
6. Fluorite “Orderly Stone”
7. Goldstone “Vibrancy Stone”
8. Hematite “Grounding Stone”
9. Iolite “Third-Eye Stone”
10. Jade “Prosperity Stone”
11. Kyanite – “Clearing Stone”
12. Labradorite- “Magic Stone”
13. Moonstone -“Goddess Stone”
14. Nuummite -“Sorcerer’s Stone”
15. Opalite – “Empath Stone”
16. Pyrite – “Happy Stone”
17. Quartz – “Clarity Stone”
18. Rose Quartz – “Love Stone”
19. Sodalite – “Gentle Truth Stone”
20. Tiger’s Eye-“Good Fortune Stone”
21. Unakite – “Past Life Stone”
22. Vesuvianite – “Loyalty Stone”
23. White Howlite – “Action Stone”
24. Yellow Jasper – “Confidence Stone”
25. Zoisite (Ruby) – “Harmony Stone”