How Virtual Readings Work & Why They Are Essential to Self-Care

In our journey to nurture the spirits, hearts, and souls of our community, SoulTopia Holistic Boutique has created a wide range of holistic services to suit a variety of unique needs. Since our founding, we’ve been a trusted provider of intuitive readings in Dallas, as well as a wealth of information about the metaphysical world. Now, we are answering the calling to expand our reach with a series of online services, putting holistic self-care within easy reach for everyone – even those well outside our Dallas community.

Our circle of intuitive readers, or SoulTopians, consists of individuals with a lifelong passion and talent for the metaphysical arts. Because we’ve been lucky enough to assemble a team rich in diverse spiritual gifts, the SoulTopians are able to utilize many unique modalities to suit the needs and desires of every client. One of the most popular holistic services we have is virtual readings, which provide the full reading experience in an innovative format. For those that are unable to travel to our Dallas holistic boutique for a reading, connecting with us remotely offers convenience, flexibility, and more.

Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the world of the metaphysical arts, or are simply considering expanding your spiritual horizons, a virtual reading is an excellent option for spiritual self-care.

Are Virtual Readings as Accurate as In-Person Ones?

It’s not uncommon for our clients to wonder: is a virtual reading accurate? We understand the hesitation of turning to a virtual platform for spiritual guidance, especially when you’re considering life-changing matters.

However, because our team possesses a deep well of intuitive skill and metaphysical connections, we are able to reach beyond physical boundaries to provide reliable readings online. We can clearly pick up on your energy remotely, then dive into the spiritual story awaiting you.

Choose a Reading from a Real Person, Not a Computer

While it’s absolutely true that a virtual reading can be enlightening and accurate, it’s vital that you verify that your reading is being conducted by a live person – not an automated computer system. Unfortunately, there are many online psychic reading services that substitute computers for humans. This is particularly true of websites promising free virtual readings. While it may be tempting to take your chances with an automated online reading, it’s far wiser to steer clear of these websites.

When you reach out to a trained tarot card reader, you can expect an in-depth, highly personal reading guided by their intuition and spiritual senses. The experience will be based on a reading specifically interpreted for you, not an overgeneralized report created by a computer. A human tarot card reader can provide a far more focused reading than a computer ever could, based simply on the principles of how tarot card readings work.

Support Your Holistic Self-Care with an Accurate Virtual Reading from SoulTopia

When you’re in need of answers to life’s most pressing questions, or even just seeking guidance through your past, present, and future, look to SoulTopia’s online reading services in Dallas. Our team takes great pride in facilitating accurate, compassionate, and highly tailored readings through a wide range of modalities, helping you connect with the spiritual world on a deeper level. Whether you opt for an in-person reading or engage with us online, you’ll emerge with a new sense of clarity, well-being, balance, and direction.

You can trust your spiritual self-care to SoulTopia Holistic Boutique, where our focus is always on the betterment of the hearts and souls of our clients. Schedule your virtual reading by contacting SoulTopia today.


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What Is The Most Powerful Stone To Attract Money?

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The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are said to harness the power of the sun, the moon, and the Earth. Fans of these beautiful stones tout their holistic healing properties, created by the power of positive intentions. When we hold crystals or wear them close to our bodies, they amplify the good vibrations we put out into the world.

To get started on this personalized practice of well-being, here are the key steps one should take:

Understand Your Crystal

The first step in working with healing stones is to understand them as a whole. Crystals are very powerful and possess very strong capabilities. As humans are entropic, the power held within the crystal flows through to the human when the two are in connection. When you look at your crystals, you will be reminded of your connection to the universe and its infinite powers. Understanding and accepting the abilities of your crystal is a vital aspect of the process.

Choosing the Right Crystal

Although it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when it comes to healing crystals, trust your intuition and choose the stone you feel a natural attraction and connection to.

The shape of a crystal can impact your overall experience when working with that particular stone. You can choose natural, rough stones or polished versions that are easy to carry or wear. ― These are the properties of some of the most common healing crystal shapes:

  • Pointed crystal: Those who use healing stones use the pointed stone as a powerful tool to manifest and amplify intentions. This versatile choice is great for beginners as it has diverse uses and effectively radiates your energy into the universe.
  • Cube-shaped crystal: This grounding stone is useful to create a sense of calm and well-being. These are also used as protection stones, often by placing one in each of a room’s four corners.
  • Heart crystal: If you find a heart crystal, keep it close to your own heart. It will pick up your loving intentions.
  • Crystal spheres: These stones have a grounding effect because they’re sending equal energy in every direction. Many who use crystals find that the round shapes promote a sense of harmony.
  • Cylinder: To support meditation practice, try using two cylindrical crystals together. Known as a harmonizer, the pair is said to promote spiritual and emotional balance.
  • Pyramid crystal:  Used by ancient civilizations, this shape is renowned for its powerful manifestation properties. Try writing down your intentions and placing a pyramid crystal on top.

Cleansing Crystals

Selenite and Quartz are cleansing crystals, which are known to clear out energies through exposure. As crystals hold so much power, over time, they can become overloaded with energy. While some people believe it is important to cleanse your crystals, it is not a necessary step for a successful conveyance of capabilities. Crystals are very powerful objects and possess the ability to withhold an overload of energy. It is not required for humans to clean crystals to better endure their strengths.

SoulTopia Healing Crystals

SoulTopia Holistic Boutique is your source for knowledge and information on the mystical powers of healing stones. Offering a ten-session crystal course, you can better determine how to use them in your life, and understand their many capabilities.

Call SoulTopia at 214.530.2326, stop by the shop, or browse our online collection of stones, crystals, and related items today!

First published December 31, 2018