Superhero Crystal Uses & Powers

Beautiful Souls, Many people come into SoulTopia and want either “high ascension” crystals or “synergy crystals.” Here are a FEW of my thoughts on the subject. These thoughts are in no way meant to be all-inclusive on the subject: -What might serve as a high ascension crystal to one person, might totally ground someone else.…

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How Often Should I Get a Tarot Reading? – intro to the topic

Tarot readings provide great insight into your life and motivations, but how often should you get them? Having Tarot readings too infrequently makes it hard to apply their insights to your life, but having them too often will not allow you to absorb what has been revealed to you properly. Here are some tips for…

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A bowl of healing crystals and incense from SoulTopia on a meditation mandala blanket

Where Can I Buy Healing Crystals Near Me

Healing crystals are symbols of transcendence and purity. This symbolism is partly because they come from a special and mysterious place. These precious stones allow light to pass through them and preserve cold. They are instrumental in helping heal our spiritual problems while promoting our mental and emotional wellness. However, they can be pretty rare.…

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The silhouette of a woman with a sunny sky background representing her mind being expanded by SoulTopia

How Spiritual Energy Works

For those who have had para- (altered) normal experiences, it seems like our entire life experience is an expertly and lovingly directed film, right down to the smallest detail. Para- (altered) normal experiences broaden one’s view to see patterns that take on a life of their own, leading one to question the super-sentient force that…

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Two aura photos taken at SoulTopia lay on a matt as a reader interprets them

The Origins of Aura Photography & How to Read Aura Photos

Your aura is the powerful electromagnetic energy that surrounds your body, completely unique to you and representative of your distinct radiant energy. It is almost like a vibrant and colorful glow projected outwards from your physical self but completely invisible to the eye – or is it? The practice of aura photography, or aura portraits,…

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A customer at SoulTopia holds a moldavite crystal they just purchased in the sunlight

Moldavite Warnings: Should You be Worried?

For thousands of years, moldavite has been one of the most revered healing crystals. As an incredibly powerful and intense source of spiritual energy, moldavite can serve as a catalyst for life-changing experiences. There are many stories of individuals who have achieved major spiritual goals with moldavite – however, there are also a few accounts…

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