Are Psychics Real?

Some people may face the concept of psychics with skepticism, but it’s important to remember that not all psychics are the same. There are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding psychics, but most psychics do not subscribe to these beliefs.  Not everyone may understand the workings of psychics, but by educating oneself and separating fact from…

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How to Cleanse the Chakras

Your chakras are important energy points in your body where a higher concentration of arteries, veins, and nerves exist. In Eastern medicine, it is thought that these energy points are integral to the flow of the vital force that keeps our body’s and mind’s energy systems flowing efficiently. Cleansing your chakras can help to improve…

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A stack of tarot cards surrounded by chocolate hearts, lavender branches and other love associated items

Questions to Ask Tarot Cards About Love

Everyone has questions about love, but it can be hard to find someone or something that has the answers we seek. Whether you want to know what your romantic future has in store for you or what your current partner thinks of you, asking tarot cards your question can be a great way to find…

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A tarot card reading in progress at SoulTopia

What is Divine Timing?

Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck, or things just aren’t going the way we want them to, it can feel like something is missing from our lives. This feeling can make us feel like something is wrong with us or that there must be something more out there for us than what we have right now.…

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Several crystals laid out in a pattern at SoulTopia

What Crystals Are Good for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a common but difficult part of life that all of us have struggled with at some point. Luckily, there are ways we can combat the stress life brings us. Crystals are great for calming and reducing stress, working to eliminate anxiety. Reducing stress and calming yourself allows your body and mind to work…

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tarot card palm psychic reading

Best Questions To Ask A Psychic

We’re all curious about the future and other things in our lives that we simply don’t know the answer to. Are you in the right career, what’s the outlook on your financial situation, and what may be going on with your family are all questions people often ask psychics. That being said, how do you…

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