Soul Stones: Custom Creations

Would you like to order a custom SoulStone necklace or bracelet from SoulTopia? Simply fill out the questionnaire and SoulTopia will then choose the stones you need at this time. 

You can choose from 1, 3 or 5 stones.

The necklace is tied at the back so you can make it any length plus you can switch out your stones if you collect more wire-wrapped pieces.

We have many satisfied customers. Join them and order your custom piece today.

Prices will vary.

Custom Creation Questionaire:

Other Information or Notes
What Do You Want More of In Your Life?
What Do You Want Less of in Your Life?
What is Your Favorite Color?
What Do You Was as a Complimentary Color?
What is Your Least Favorite Color?
Do You Prefer: Silver, Gold, Copper, or No Metal?
What Length of Necklace Do You Prefer: 16",18", 20" 24"?
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