Retrograde Traffic Jam

Retrograde Traffic Jam

Thursday, April 06, 2017


Michelle Welch


  1. Crystal Advent Calendar
    25 Nov, 2017
    Crystal Advent Calendar
    Beautiful Souls, I always have enjoyed Advent Calendars counting down the days to Christmas. I loved the excitement of opening the little door and seeing what chocolate there was for that day. I must admit that sometimes I would open a couple because I wanted the chocolate and I also was excited for the big day. There is so much candy and food between Thanksgiving and New Years that we at SoulTopia have decided to use crystals...of course! This is a great chance for creativity and a fun
  2. Divine Guidance Comes in Many Forms
    12 Jul, 2017
    Divine Guidance Comes in Many Forms
    Divine Messages Come in Many Forms Beautiful Souls, Many people come to SoulTopia to receive "readings." Most of those people ask, "What type of readings do you offer?" I used to run through a long list of ways that I received and delivered intuitive messages. Angel Messages, Oracle Card Readings, Tarot Readings, Crystal Readings, Charm Casting Readings, Spirit Readings, Psychometry Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Clairaudient Readings, All the Clairs, Clair-Blend, Ribbon Readings, Tea
  3. The Fierce and Mighty Kali
    07 Mar, 2017
    The Fierce and Mighty Kali
    In anticipation of our March Madness: Shadow Side SoulTopia Sensation on Sunday, March 19th, it seemed fitting to talk about one of my favorite Goddesses, the fierce and mighty Kali. It seems we often tend to want to make everything beautiful and tie it up with a love and light bow. But query me this…is life always so "perfect?" Are we possibly neglecting parts of ourselves if we always project that we have no struggles? Is there advantage in exploring our shadow side and is our shadow side
  4. Holiday Crystal Cheers
    24 Nov, 2016
    Holiday Crystal Cheers
    HOLIDAY CRYSTAL CHEER As we enter the holiday season filled with warm lights and cheerful festivity, we also acknowledge these may be challenging times for many. We may be barraged with feelings from a different time in our lives. This nostalgia is often bittersweet. The holidays trigger many thoughts and emotions. Hopefully, they are pleasant and happy reminiscences. Unfortunately, for some the memories are of experiences that brought disappointment and sadness. This holiday season we
  5. SuperHero Crystals and Their SuperPowers
    29 May, 2017
    SuperHero Crystals and Their SuperPowers
    SUPERHERO CRYSTALS AND THEIR SUPERPOWERS Beautiful Souls, Many people come into SoulTopia and want either “high ascension” crystals or “synergy crystals.” Here are a FEW of my thoughts on the subject. These thoughts are in no way meant to be all-inclusive on the subject: -What might serve as a high ascension crystal to one person, might totally ground someone else.  You see, people are different and respond to crystals in different ways. -Many crystals get labeled by authors as high
  6. Confessions of a Crystal Book Addict
    10 Sep, 2016
    Confessions of a Crystal Book Addict
    Hello my name is Michelle and I'm a crystal book addict. There...I admitted it. As my children were growing up, I always told them the one thing I didn't mind buying them was books. I love books. I love research. But here's the rub: sometimes too many crystal books can get downright confusing. Most of them merely regurgitate what others have written about crystals, while others will list a crystal's properties and will say the crystal helps with everything in and out of this world. It is
  7. “Minding our own energy!”
    17 Mar, 2016
    “Minding our own energy!”
    Beautiful Souls, Let’s discuss the phrase…”be responsible for the energy that you bring.” It’s such a simple little phrase, yet so important. I propose that we stop accusing others of having negative or low vibrations. Instead let us begin at the starting point: “Minding our own energy!” In fact, I kind of like the phrase…”mind your own energy.” Let’s get our own houses clean before we start accusing others (or even Mercury Retrograde). – Let’s start from a place of love. – Let’s start from a
  8. Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes!
    11 Feb, 2016
    Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes!
    Beautiful Souls, Valentine’s Day Crystal Boxes! The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day After all…life is like a box of crystals according to Forrest Gump…well close enough… 1. Go to the dollar store or wherever you can find cute, affordable boxes. Pick out the size you want…I think the small ones with three spaces are really cute. 2. Eat the chocolate…after all, you should never be wasteful and chocolate is good for grounding so that’s a plus…
  9. God Doesn’t Work that Way
    30 Jan, 2016
    God Doesn’t Work that Way
    Beautiful Souls, I remember sitting in a mega-church in Plano about 13 years ago and hearing the pastor stand at the podium and tell about 5,000 + people on a Sunday morning that they better not mess up their witness or God would sit them on the bench (he loved to use sports analogies). God would sideline them…take them out of the game. Well…I was in a bad place in my life. The words sunk in…God can’t and won’t use me. I felt worthless and hopeless. Just to be sure I heard him correctly I got